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Walkabout Farm is a fully inclusive therapeutic riding, equine assisted learning and youth outreach initiative designated for children and adults with unique considerations, socioeconomic isolation, mental health concerns and those are abled differently. Through community peer support we strive to improve our participants’ confidence, positive leadership qualities, enriched physical and mental health, and provide a safe space for personal growth. All by way of an individualized riding program, outdoor recreational activities, volunteerism, or work placement. Our charitable organization also offers one on one respite services for families with loved ones who have complex behavioural or medical special needs in an environment of compassion and enrichment.

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“Equine therapeutic support promoting the physical, neurological and emotional well-being of all by way of human / animal interactions”

– Jennifer Semach, owner and operator

We are a registered charitable organization, fully inclusive therapeutic riding, equine assisted learning and youth outreach initiative, in Haliburton County, designated for children and adults with unique considerations, socioeconomic isolation, mental health concerns and those are are abled differently.

Moxie Moose Finds A Tail

“Moxie Moose Finds a Tail”! For the publishers link and more information, click here. “This book is dedicated to all the children of Walkabout Farm, who have inspired me with their moxie“. – Jennifer Semach. Biography: Jennifer Dale Semach lives in Minden, Ontario with her husband, two children and many animals including therapy horses Julia, Valentino, Gracie, Coconut, Sweet Pea, Sassy, Jasper, Apollo and Molson. She is the founder and executive director of Walkabout Farm Therapeutic Riding Association Inc. Jennifer is passionate about the equine assisted programs she has developed for people with disabilities, mental health support and one program in particular, the “Reading Buddies” program for children and adults like herself who have difficulties with illiteracy, dyslexia or anxiety. She hopes her friends enjoy the silliness of this book and understand the underlying message of resiliency in the face of hardships. Buy “Moxie Moose Finds A Tail” directly from Walkabout Farm for $25 each, taxes included. Shipping, if needed, is extra. Please contact Jennifer for purchase details.


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Hey everyone!

My name is Yianna, I am an Equine Assisted LearningFacilitator, Equine Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner with over 25 years of horse experience. I started my journeywith these spiritual animals at the ripe age of 8 years old, with riding casually. The once-a-week lessons, during my impressionable years, made me realize how much I loved being around these majestic creatures. I would go on Saturdays and muck stalls for free in exchange for an extra ride a week.

At the age of 16, I started as a “Hotwalker” at Woodbine Racetrack, which quickly evolved into a “Groom” and had the amazing opportunity to go to Florida in the off-season. I worked at many barns after my time at the track- from Hunter to Grand Prix Dressage, to Eventing.

I learned about an Equine Massage Therapy course and instantly gravitated to it, that’s where everything changed. The relationship I developed with my four-legged clients was mind-blowing, they would be excited to see me when I’d pop into the barn, they knew instantly why I was there and well, that feeling was indescribable. 

Of course, while being in the industry, I was lucky to find my Anam Cara (Soul Friend in Latin), Rayna, a 7-year-old Thoroughbred Mare (at the time) and now 20! She became the best teacher, taught me so many things about myself that I didn’t realize was possible, and helped me overcome many obstacles throughout my years to follow. Seeing the transformation in myself and everyday life, I was determined to pay it forward and share it with everyone, “Using the Power of Horses to Heal”- Tim Hayes.

2023 calendars available at Walkabout Farm in Minden

11oz Walkabout Farm fundraiser mug 2.0! $15.00. Gloss finish, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Design on mug is printed on using a special printing process – it is not vinyl (vinyl on mugs does not last long and will come off after a while). $5.00 from each mug purchased will go directly to phase 2 of the accessibility project at Walkabout Farm! Please contact Lyndsey O Mara by email at info@haliburtonprints.ca. Shipping is available.

Hoodies!!!!! $50 for children’s sizes and $60 for adults. T-Shirts $12 each.


What People Say

The impact Jenn, this farm, and equine therapy have had on our child is something very unique, incredibly special and hard to put into words. Coming to this farm and taking part in this program has been truly life changing for our family. The minute we drive through the gate and get to the farm it’s like we all take this big collective calming breath; any tension, stress and the rest of the world just melt away. Here, in this seemingly magical place ,our child blossoms. Her confidence grows by leaps and bounds, her face lights up with pure joy and you can visibly see her relax and settle into a space where everything just seems to make sense. This program has impacted her in so many ways. It’s helped her to find her voice, to trust in others and to believe in herself and what she can do. Suddenly her confidence in herself and her abilities seems limitless.
Walkabout farm is an amazing place and our community is incredibly fortunate to have such a truly inclusive and safe space. A place where stereotypes don’t exist, people are celebrated for who they are and one that allows people to grow without judgement, expectation, or limits placed upon them.
We can never thank Jenn and her amazing team enough for all they do.

—-Jaycee Connors

“Walkabout Farm Therapeutic Riding Association Inc. provides a much-needed service in our community for individuals who have been traumatized or who have extra challenges in their lives. Jennifer has enormous empathy and her incredibly positive approach has really helped my daughter build better self esteem and confidence. Jennifer provides a safe and inclusive environment with some pretty amazing animals. I am so grateful that she is able to offer her wonderful work!” — T. Burton, participant parent